Today we are going to help you to secure and protect your Facebook account from account takeovers and phishing. This should be easy and simple to follow, what we are waiting for? Let’s secure our account today!

Step 1: Check Your Account if Hacked or Not.

In our previous security blog, we show how to check if your account has been hacked or not. You can read our recent blog for checking if your account has been compromised or not, check the blog below.

Check If Your Facebook Account Has Been Compromised.

We will repeat the steps on how to do it. This is super simple, you need to be logged in before doing it because Facebook will check if your account has been hacked or not. Are you ready? Click the following link below.

Now after that, scroll down and look for this part.

If you see the same, then your account is safe! If not, your account has been hacked or compromised. What should you do? You need to change your password and renew your access tokens. How to renew access tokens? Well, we recently wrote a security blog for it. You can read it from below.

Renew Access Tokens on Facebook

Now, you know how to renew your access tokens so great job! Did you know that by doing it you are also logging out your account remotely? Yes! This is the same way to log out your account remotely from other devices. Pretty convenient.

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Step 2: Use a Password Manager!

Today is recommended to use a password manager. Why? because by using password manager means you care about using secured and hard to guess passwords. You will never think and memorize a password again. Make a routine to generate an encrypted and secure password for your different accounts online. Password managers have their own password generator to use for any registration you may have for an online website. You’re going to store it on your password manager when you are about to log in to a website a password manager will automatically pull out your username and password and all you have to do is to press the log in button or similar. Easy and safe!

Bonus tip! If you don’t trust a computer you are using then don’t use the physical keyboard to type your password. Instead, use a virtual keyboard which is you are going to use your mouse to type your password. Why is it necessary? Computers can be installed with keyloggers a software application that records keystrokes of a user input. So possibly, if you don’t aware about it when you login into a sensitive account online such as a bank account. The keylogger possibly records your login details. How to prevent this? As I mentioned, use a mouse with virtual keyboard, because keyloggers can’t record mouse events on screen. So it is safe to type your credentials using your mouse.

I would recommend some password manager you may like!

  • LastPass Password Manager
  • Dashlane Password Manager

The password managers above is FREEMIUM, they offer a free version and paid version. But still, you can use them as your password manager. But if you’re looking for free and open source password manager then I would recommend the following below.

  • KeePass Password Manager

So that’s it better to check out these awesome password managers. Start your life with better and strong password.

Step 3: Change Password Frequently

Now, you have the Password Manager. Even if you are using the strong password it doesn’t mean you are unhackable. Hacker’s are smart and genius, they can still find a way to hack you! It is no such hundred percent safe in the cyber world. To prevent hacking of your account then you should change your password frequently.

If you are using a password manager like LastPass, you will be notified if your account is using an old password in terms of years or months. The best time to change your password is every 2-4 times every year or if you are very paranoid about your security you can do it every week or months. Treat this as a routine because this is for your own safety. Again, remember, prevention is better than cure! You don’t need to think again for a new password just generate one using the password generator tool included in your password manager.

Step 4:  Update Your Recovery Method

This one is very important if you have an online account. In terms of security, you need to create a backup plan on how you recover your account during account hijacking or account takeover. Double check the following below, make sure these things are working properly and you are able to use it anytime and anywhere.

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Backup Codes

That’s what you need to make sure you have access, the most important thing you must have access is your email address. This is your primary recovery method where a recovery code will be sent. Have time to configure these things properly.

If you don’t know how to do it, or you need help from an expert then we are here. Kindly call us from this toll-free number: +1 (855) 404-6944 and we will call you to assist you on how to do it.

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Step 5: Don’t Click Suspicious Links

Phishing is the popular reason why Facebook accounts are hacked. Phishing is a common method of hackers out there to steal and access Facebook accounts. So if you don’t want to be a victim of it you should follow the next step to make your account bullet-proof from this kind of hacking method.

Someone sends you a suspicious link? You don’t know what is the link for or you are being curious about the link? Then we are here to help you check that link if it safe of not. Talk to an expert, we have greate security analyst here to help you to figure it out. You can contact us toll-free using our official phone number at +1 (855) 404-6944.

Step 6: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

This is the important step you need to know, by enabling this one it will prevent a direct access on your Facebook account if they already know your password and username. When they try to login using your real credential, your account will ask for a two-factor authentication just to make sure that you are the one who really access your account by using your phone or either a special device to verify your identity as a legit user or the real owner of the account.

Enable your two-factor authentication by going on your Facebook account. Then look for “Use two-factor authentication” and follow the instructions there on how you are going to setup your two-factor authentication. There is two choice there, one is by using a security keys and another one is by using a text message. Facebook will require a valid phone number before you can enable your two-factor authentication.

So what is security keys? Kindly watch the video below for more info!

That’s all for today! I hope you find this blog useful and informative. If you are looking for a more in-depth security setup for your Facebook you can go here. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and families.

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