Here at Main Source 365 Tech, we equipped our browsers with reliable tools to prevent ads from showing and popups from popping up without allowing it. Today, you will learn how to set up your browser and armed with these amazing tools to improve your browsing experience. Let’s get started!

uBlock Origin – This is the first tool we need to install in our browser. You might be using or heard about ABP or Ad Block Plus? This browser extension is not reliable at all, why? based on my opinion this one is biased and still allow some Google Ads. Compare the two with watching videos on YouTube and see if uBlock Origin prevent ads from showing up compared to ABP. Try it with yourself and see the difference, please add a review of your experience on the extension’s page of uBlock Origin if you find it useful.

Poper Blocker – This tool is best with uBlock Origin, it blocks unwanted popups on your browser. You now have the power to control your browsing activity without interruptions of ads and popup.

The next step would be installing these two extensions to your computer’s browser. It is available to Firefox and Chrome. Please check the following link below to download and activate it on your favorite browser.

For Chrome Users:

uBlock Origin –  Download and Install

Poper BlockerDownload and Install

For Firefox Users:

uBlock Origin –  Download and Install

Poper BlockerDownload and Install

Now you have the power to protect yourself from unwanted popups and ads showing on your browser. In order to protect your friends and family’s privacy and also their data, please consider sharing this blog to them. If you don’t do anything about this you might end up of having adware on your computer or having an annoying browsing experience.

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