Today will teach you how to manually renew your Facebook access tokens. This is so important to protect your account from the latest security breach on Facebook. Over 90 Million accounts have been forced to renew or regenerate their access tokens including your account. We have a recent blog that talks about how to know if your account has been compromised or not. You can check the article from below.

Check If Your Facebook Account Has Been Compromised.

If your account is safe you don’t need to renew your access tokens just make sure you enable the two-factor authentication on your account to prevent account takeovers and phishing. To get started, you need to login first to your account. Head over to your account’s security settings. Look for “Where you’re logged in.” section and click “see more” and start to click the “Log Out Of All Sessions” to revoke the existing access tokens generated by your devices where you’re logged in. By doing this, you are renewing your access tokens. Just log in again and you should get a fresh set of access tokens that persists on your device just to keep you logged in. For better security, you need to enable the two-factor authentication to your account.

For detailed instructions on how to do a proper logout or renewing your access tokens then kindly visit the link below.

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