Is your computer performs poorly? Runs slowly? Today, we are going to teach you how to remove and detect potentially unwanted applications on your computer or sometimes acts as bloatware on your computer that eats your RAM and sometimes the main cause of auto-reboot and any other issues in computers nowadays.

Here We Go…

Potentially Unwanted Applications are a type of applications that are installed on your computer without your consent. You can get these type of applications when you install a crack or unofficial copy of windows applications. Sometimes hackers inject malicious programs on crack and unofficial applications to populate your computer with bloatware or even adware.

The first lesson here is to not install applications that are not from Official Store or Software Center such as the Microsoft Windows Store or Google Play Store something like that. Always use an official copy of applications, and also read every information you see while installing applications, sometimes you forget to untick a small checkbox allowing to pre-install 3rd party applications. Better to be aware of that part.

MS365 Security Desktop Screen

We have our own software to detect and remove these PUA on your computer. All you need to do is to click the scan button and let the software look for PUA and remove it. That’s so simple, it is helpful to preserve your RAM from excessive use in a nonsense way. Download the trial version of our All-in-one Antivirus software which is good for 14 days. Let’s check if your computer has bloatware and PUA installed. Free up some of your RAM today!

Main Source 365 Security (MS365 Security)

Main Source 365 Security or MS365 Security is available on Windows Operating System from Windows Vista up to Windows 10. You might want to install it on your mobile device? Yes! It supports Andriod smartphones. You can download the mobile app version of MS365 Security Sofware. Click the Google Play button below.
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