Real-Time Internet Security

Dedicated On Call Support

We provide technical support to PC users who face software related problems. Virus and malware infections, faulty installation of computer programs, improper configuration and computer settings, deletion of important files and many more issues which can slow down the performance of a computer or even crash and this resulting to lost of data.

We identify and fix issues with computers, networks, smartphone, tablets and much more. Using state of the art tools and remote support technology we can diagnose and support your technology issues.

Get FREE network security & System diagnostic checkup using state of the art cyber security tools our on call support workforce that can diagnose identify and support minor or complex technology issues like with Linux servers or windows PC/laptops also smart TV or android and much more technology related we support


Support Services

Monthly Proactive Maintenance

Personal Technician / Account Manager

Drivers Update

Operating System (OS) Upgrade

Printer Support

Office 365 Support

Social Media Support

Computer Optimization / Maintenance

Operating System Install Setup

Memory and Hardware Upgrade Install

Universal Remote Configuration

Software Troubleshooting

Cyber security Services

Cyber security Solutions

Computer Virus Removal

Computer Security Checkup

Anti-Ransomware Solutions

Anti-Virus Software

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Ransomware Protection

Data Protection and Backup

Data Privacy Checkup

Data Recovery

Technology Support

Laptop and Computer Support

Smartphone and Tablet Support

Laptop and Computer Setup

Smartphone and Tablet Setup

Printer Support

Internet Connection Issues

Software Application Issues

Technology training / Education

Technology Training On How to Better Use Your Technology and Stay Safe Online

Parental Control and Security Services for our Children

Training on How to Use Computer and Gadgets

Training on How to Use Printers

Cyber security Awareness



  • Low Security 30% 30%
  • Computer with MainsSource 365 Security Software 98.99% 98.99%


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