For the past 6 years, Main Source 365 Tech has been deploying consumer software products. Focusing on digital privacy, security and computer maintenance. We have a good reputation on Facebook which makes our business more trusted and reliable. While all products were technically compatible with businesses, our marketing and strategic goals were solely consumer oriented.

Main Source 365 Tech deploys a newly structured licensing model, offering business clients a variety of multiple end-points licensing with multiple-years options, assuring all business clients with the most effective internet security with affordable licensing fees.

Your business digital assets are important. Valuable digital assets should have strong and reliable cybersecurity.

Products That Protect Your Business

Main Source 365 Privacy is a software designed to clear and remove all digital footprint. It takes care of all information on any given end-point that can be a potential information leak for business.

Main Source 365 Security is Main Source 365 Tech’s flagship an all-in-one security software protection designed to locate and remove any computer programmed treats. Computer viruses, computer trojans, computer ransomware, and some computer malicious software infection attempts will be detected.

Main Source 365 Ransomware Defender is a recently released computer security product designed to detect and block computer ransomware infection attempts. The software blacklists every ransomware related threat and isolates each potential infection. This software is act as an additional security layer, into any other malware protection installed in a computer. Focused on ransomware solely.

About Main Source 365 Tech

Specializing in Information technology. Providing cyber security solutions and technical support services for business and individuals worldwide.

We are a full service IT solutions provider specializing in providing world-class technical support services network security solutions. Our trusted workforce is available to assist businesses or individuals with minor or complex technical issues 365 days a year.

Main Source 365 Tech portfolio includes fully managed IT services and cybersecurity software. Like antivirus and anti-malware. Ransomware protection software, privacy enhancement applications, password management, and recovery tools and hard disk maintenance tools.

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