Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find more information about our company.

What is Main Source 365 Tech All About?

Main Source 365 Tech is a leading independent online cyber security tech company specializing in Technology Sales and Service like Network and System Security as well as Technology training and education provided to individuals groups or institutions worldwide.

Why Choose Main Source 365 Tech?

If technical support is needed and you want it done right the first time all you need to do is call Main Source 365 Tech help desk for technical assistance from our highly trained and dedicated support engineers specialize in data security, data back-up, anti-virus and security solutions which include IT sales infrastructure management, internet support, technology traning and education all this for us to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What is Main Source 365 Tech Phone Number?

Our official toll-free phone number is the following:
Call Us Here: +1 (855) 404-6944

What is Main Source 365 Tech Email Address?

We have official email addresses as indicated below:
For Support: [email protected]
For Information: [email protected]

Why Do I Need IT Support Services from Main Source 365 Tech??

As we all know a computer Is a machine and like any other machines it needs maintenance. like a car or anything mechanical require systematic servicing and maintenance. The performance of your computer can be badly affected and can even breakdown if not well taken care of and maintained.

What Makes The Main Source 365 Tech specialists?

All our team at Main Source 365 Tech hold certifications in many areas or may not hold certifications in any area unless otherwise stated and they are highly experienced in all areas of providing any type of support to all software/hardware concerns.

What General Procedure Does Main Source 365 Tech Team Take To Resolve Error Or Software/Hardware Issue?

Our Main Source 365 Tech team will always go above the call of duty to resolve a software/hardware problem through telephone conversation.

Is Main Source 365 Tech Easy and Secure To Use?

Yes, In this procedure all you need to do is just sit back and relax. You can leave the issue to our team as they are cyber-security experts and help each day to resolve issues. With everything done virtually on your screen and with your permission. They will take relevant steps and try to solve issue accordingly and provide security.

Does Main Source 365 Tech Provide A Guarantee?

We take utmost care to resolve any kind of issue with your technology and provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Helping people help themselves is our passion.

Is Main Source 365 Tech 24/7 available?

Yes, We are 24/7 available.

How Can I Sign-Up for Main Source 365 Tech?

You can register online or call us Toll Free: +1 (855) 404-6944 and one of our customer care team members activate a membership or software product, Our team is more than happy to assist you.

I Have Not Faced Any Problem In My System Till Date Then Why Should I Become A Member Of Main Source 365 Tech?

Everyday There Are Hundreds Of Viruses, Spywares, Adware And Malware Are Created To Hack The Pc, Capture User Data, Infect Files, Phishing For User Information, Etc. Most Of The Time, Users Are Not Aware, If One Of Those Software Are Running In The Background Or Not. This Is Why They Need Some Kind Technical Support Available At All Times.

How Can Main Source 365 Tech Assure Me That My Problem Will Be Resolved?

Main Source 365 Tech dedicated tech support cyber-security workforce take every call with a mission to resolve the issue on the same call. If not completed immediately we will call back again till the problem is resolved and then only the ticket is closed.

What Is The Qualification Of The Main Source 365 Tech Team and Cyber Security Workforce?

All of main source 365 tech team have good amount of experience in troubleshooting various issues. But have a stronger passion for helping people by investing time to help understand and resolve.

I Have Installed A New Software/hardware After Which My Computer Started Giving Me Trouble, Will Help From Main Source 365 Tech Support Services Help Me?

Our pro team is are well versed with the software/hardware related concerns and support tickets. We support the latest as well as the legacy operating systems. We can assist in resolving the various error messages.

Is Main Source 365 Tech A Scam or Rip-off?

100% No!!! We are so legit and proud of being a company that does the right things by customers, clients and partners globally. We are passionate about helping people. Call to speak with either of managers, owners, and investors. Please feel free to connect with us directly on Facebook as well.

Will I Get Any Benefit If I Refer Someone To Main Source 365 Tech?

Yes, you will get taken care of for every referral. Please see the Referral Policy or call +1 (855) 404-6944 for more info.

Do I Need To Download Any Software For Desktop Sharing From Main Source 365 Tech?

Yes a small software need to be installed for desktop sharing which is MS365 Connect 128 bit encrypted. Desktop Sharing Is Done Only When Customer Allows The Tech Support Executive For Trouble Shooting. The Customer Can View All the Activities done on the computer And Can Stop Him at an Instance of Time. A Log Is Maintained for All the Activity Initiated By The technician.

Can Main Source 365 Tech Provide Physical Support For My System?

At Present Main Source 365 Tech Provides Online Support Only. You are welcome to ship or visit us any time.

What Steps Can I Take To Protect My Children Using Main Source 365 Tech?

Children Can Be Just as Vulnerable Online as They Are in the Real World and it’s Important That You Understand the Potential Dangers. There Are Things You Can Do To Minimize The Chance Of Them Being Exposed To These Dangers. Call ASAP for Data Protection Plan.

What Are The Critical Area Which Main Source 365 Tech Trusted Cyber-security Software And Support Services Will Take Care Of During The Contract Period?

  • Search, Suggest & Eradicate Viruses, Worms And Malicious Contents Which Have Invaded Into Your Pc.
  • Scan, suggest & Update Anti-virus Software And Other Pc Protection Tools.
  • Analyze & Perform Standard Pc Maintenance & Schedule Windows Updates/patches.
  • Provide Support In Back-up Processes.
  • To Prevent Document, Images, Data Etc. Losses While Transferring Data From One Pc To Another.
  • Set Up Home And Small Office Networks (including Wireless Networks) – Keeping In Mind Latest Security.
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Email And Software Problems.
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera And Other Peripheral Problems.
  • Set Up & Assist With Mp3 Players (ipods, Zens), iPdas And Other Smart Devices.
  • Set Up, Configure Application Software, Hardware & Devices/
  • Troubleshoot & Fix Error Messages, Frozen Screens, Blue Screen Errors


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