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It is important to know the history of any organization, company or individual that you choose to do business within today’s digital age. We are more inclined to buy a service or do business with a company based on the person(s) involved. We tend to care less about the corporate brand being shoved down our throats. It is the instincts and curiosity we each have. We want to know the truth so we can trust that our loyalty will be returned.

In October 1987 – A boy was born from a loving mother, but not just any women but a proud caring and hardworking overseas Filipino worker was providing a noble service of caring for others as a Nurse in Dubai UAE; she was married to a Syrian businessman who also worked in Dubai, this is two countries coming together with one commonality, “LOVE”. Despite coming from different cultures. The boy was provided with great education growing up in the UAE.

Fast forward to the year 2006 due to unfortunate circumstances the parents separated and the mother moved back to the Philippines. The boy was no longer a child but now a young man looking forward to the rest of his life trying to figure out what to do. With little to no money left his mother again stepped up to show courage and lead her children in the right direction as all mothers instinctively do. At this time the call center BPO industry in the Philippines was just starting to become the outsourcing capital of the world for the low cost and high positive productivity the nation so proudly represents. She and her son took a job working in a call center to pay the bills. This showed the unity and love they had built together as a family with mutual respect, this inspired the foundation of their future with Main Source 365 Tech.

In Time:
The mother, now at her 50s was given an opportunity to go to the United States to again work as a OFW Nurse, at a time when most women are looking forward to retiring she again left the country she was born in and had to leave her children behind who were both young adults and needed to begin their own life’s journey. In America, she was not given the same opportunity she had in Dubai, instead worked in a nursing home as a caregiver. She was now living in New York struggling to survive on the basic wages she was given, now her son who had not forgotten all the love his mother had given him, he became frustrated with his inability to provide to his mother, sister and now daughter. As we all know, this type of pressure can lead a man to break or become great. He formed the courage to do something different, he would no longer stand to work & build other companies and make them successful, he would no longer settle for the measly salary he was offered to manage and run call center operations. He made a personal choice; right here is the inspiration, no one can make a change in themselves without first changing their mindset.

The Opportunity:
The man was inspired and he began to take action independently, on his own with the skills he had acquired over years of working in the call center industry to developing and outsourcing call center programs, he now had the idea a spark along with a vision he knew what to do, he must monetize his wealth of experience to begin providing for his mother, his daughter and himself and all his family. Can you change your life in an instant? You can watch an inspirational movie, read the best self-help book, and come across a quote that reaches you deeply. Can these moments lead to lasting change? They lead to intense inspiration and motivation. However, the burst of inspiration is fleeting and the moment slips away. One must remain consistent. If you cannot take the heat get out of the kitchen. Never forget who made you successful and blessed you. “FAMILY”. Loyalty is one of the most important keys to successfully running a start-up from what is known as “Bootstrapping” – which usually refers to a self-starting process that is intended to proceed without external input. Main Source 365 Tech maintained its integrity as a company by simply never forgetting its core mission, through all the ups and downs still remained reliable providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed, they would rather make amends with a customer than have a dissatisfied client who has any reason to complain. It is important to truly want to help others and see the real value in longer-term business relationships.

The idea was simple:
His mother lived in the United States.
He collaborated with her to create a corporation in the US.
He on the other hand lived and worked in the Philippines the world’s global incubator for startups BPO call centers and some of the world’s largest fortune 500 companies.
He had years of experience with developing and managing call centers in the IT BPO Industry.
A passion for helping his mother with technical issues related to her PC.
Internet connection.
These are some of the resources that got him to build the Main Source 365 Tech.

After identifying the current resources available and support the next actions to be taken became clear this led to the creation of a full service IT & cyber security solutions provider “Main Source 365 Tech”.
After six long years of ups and downs, heartache and happiness Main Source Tech remained independent and as the saying goes “numbers don’t lie, people do” is an example of the trials and tribulation of a start-up company. It has always remained loyal to its core values of providing reliable IT service to individuals and organizations worldwide. This is a cautionary tale of sorts, reminding all of us that we cannot be complacent and that it is not easy to start from nothing and become something. Loyalty, love, and dedication are key to successfully building a company like ours.

What is next for Main Source Tech?
The future is bright and full of endless possibilities. The company still owns all of its shares, the owner is still the REAL heart of the family, the keeper of the future, the one who shines light in the darkness when all seems lost and hope is gone. As always we can count on our mothers. The CEO is stronger than ever after going through hell and back to lead by example. He LOVES his mother and his company and you can believe without a shadow of a doubt that the company will have great success. Starting from its humble beginnings and rising through the fire to aspire to greater dreams from Philippine inspiration to American Marketing and start-up to its vision of global expansion. It is easy to see the simplicity in this company’s IT services by allowing you to delegate with peace of mind all your IT needs and educate consumers of all ages on cyber security and how to protect our digital future. You can use this story to create your own opportunity. Main Source Tech is now branching out with new partners and new ventures it has also begun the steps to begin providing E-commerce as a line of business within the company. This story is “Pasalubong” from Main Source Tech.

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